We are currently looking for sponsors to support our students and staff. If you are interested in sponsoring an event or activity, please feel free to make a donation here or contact our bookkeeper, Mrs. Palermo, with how you can help at In return for your generosity, we will make sure everyone knows you or your business has helped to support our school appropriately.

TEWMS will be doing a breakfast each month for dad’s and kids. The purpose of the day is to bring dads on to the campus, watch a short inspirational video, and have a conversation with their child that is prompted by the PowerPoint. The whole meeting is less than an hour and starts at 7:00 am.

We are currently looking for sponsors to supply the All Pro Dads breakfast.  If you are interested in sponsoring some of these events please contact Elena Palermo at 813-794-0200 or by email at–Fundraiser-Optout/Id6F5

 Our school is always looking for ways to encourage our students, purchase necessary supplies, appreciate our excellent staff and give them the opportunity to attend professional development programs as needed. Your minimum $20 donation is tax deductible and will give you the choice to opt-out of all our 2016-17 fundraisers with the piece of mind that you have made a contribution that can be used 100% by our school. Your gift is greatly appreciated and will be used to make a difference at Weightman Middle School! Please understand that you may still receive
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