School Information

Thomas E. Weightman Middle School

30649 Wells Road Wesley Chapel, Florida 33545

Phone:  813-794-0200

Fax:  813-794-0291

Office Hours:  8:00am-4:00pm

Student Hours:  8:26am-2:55pm

Principal:  Rachel Fowler

TEWMS Boundary Map

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Vision Statement

Thomas E. Weightman Middle School will offer a nurturing and safe environment that provides an academic focus, values diversity and challenges all students to achieve their potential with the support of its home, staff, university and community partnerships.

The TEWMS staff believes that students are the purpose of our existence, therefore:

1. Students will be prepared to think critically, analyze, and process information
in to make good decisions.
2. All students will be prepared to live in a world in which the ideals of
democracy, acceptance of differences, multi-cultural awareness, and the need
for global interdependence is exercised.
3. Curriculum will be delivered in an integrated and interactive manner by a
team of teachers who work collaboratively to provide motivating activities that
focus on skills specified in the Sunshine State Standards.
4. Staff will maintain high expectations, remain academically focused, and
provide opportunities for learning for all abilities, learning styles and needs.
5. Staff will provide a literacy rich environment for all students which utilizes
learning Focused Strategies.
6. Co-and extra-curricular programs play an important role in the overall
education of our students and will be offered to all students.
7. Professionalism will be exercised by all staff members and staff opinions will
be valued and respected in the shared decision making process.
8. Communication is vital to the development of partnerships with the
community. Partnerships will be established and maintained with the
community and parents. Their involvement will promote optimum learning
for all stakeholders.
9. The University of South Florida will continue to develop preservice and
inservice teachers.
10. School Improvement will be a continuous process because learning is a
life-long process.