UPDATE - Schools closed for students through May 1.  School will resume virtually for students on Tuesday, March 31. Please visit our new coronavirus website for additional information.

TEWMS Distance Learning Device Reservation

Parent Directions for Computer Pick Up

Parent Map Computer Sign Up 33120

TEWMS Families can come and checkout a device on Monday, March 30th from 8:30am -12:30pm.  We will be distributing devices in the parking lot near our gym; please see map.

We are able to fulfill all device reservations that were placed.  Families with reservations are asked to bring Photo ID, Email confirmation of device registration and a pen; please see directions.

If you were unable to make a reservation, we may have a device for you to check out.  We will also be developing a waiting list, should we receive additional devices.


At this time, all devices have been reserved.

On Monday, March 30th, TEWMS will begin to distribute electronic devices to the following:

(a) homes with no computer or tablet

(b) homes with only one computer or tablet having 3 or more Pasco public school students.

That is, if you have 1 or 2 students at home AND you have a computer or a tablet, we will not yet be lending electronic devices to you. TEWMS has limited number of devices, thus we are unable to guarantee every reservation can be fulfilled.

TEWMS Distribution will be from 8:30-12:30pm in the Gym Parking lot. When coming to pick up a device, please remain in your vehicle as we will have staff assisting families.

We are asking families to complete a device registration by 9am on Friday, March 27th. Please know that a registration does not guarantee we will have a device for you. Devices are to be returned to the school should schools reopen before the end of the school year. If we do not reopen this school year, devices should be returned by Friday, May 29, 2020, unless otherwise communicated at a later date.

Please bring with you:

· Photo ID

· Email confirmation of device registration

· A pen

*It is expected that the Wildcat community follow CDC guidelines when interaction with others.

Already have a device at home? It should work fine.

We recommend:

  • Laptops (Windows, Mac, or Chromebook) with a camera and a recent version of the Chrome browser.
  • 4-8G of RAM.
  • Other devices, including tablets and iPads with the Chrome browser installed, will also work for most applications.
  • Students may also use the browsers on many common video game platforms to access most of our online material.