8th Grade EOY Packet 23-24

8th Grade End-Of-Year (EOY) Activities

8th grade students were given the 8th Grade EOY packet with information regarding all activities and events. It is important that all families read through the packet as it contains eligibility criteria along with important dates and forms that must be completed and returned to school.

The window to pay the deposit for the 8th Grade Gradventure field trip at Universal will open on the afternoon of Friday, January 26th. Please note that due to limited charter bus availability at this time, we are limiting ticket sales for this field trip. Once we reach our limit of tickets that we can sell, information regarding a wait list will be communicated with families. We will continue to work on obtaining additional charter busses so that we are able to provide this opportunity to all of our 8th graders who meet eligibility.

Attached is a copy of the packet… page 5 details important dates pertaining to all of our 8th grade students. If you have any questions or concerns, see page 4 for contact information