If you pick up your child in the afternoon from school, please do not park in Bridgewater. If you are coming from the Boyette Rd area, you can park in the first row of parking spots between Wesley Chapel HS and Weightman Middle. Please know that you cannot drive by buses when they are loading students. If you are going to park in the first row your student will walk out of the campus between the front office and the 200 building to the sidewalk in front of the school and walk across the bus entrance at the crosswalk. Once on the side of the parking lot, they can walk along the grass area to meet you. This is a much safer route and does not cause problems with nonresidents parking in the Bridgewater neighborhood. Students are not to walk in between buses; this is not allowed and is a safety concern. Please use this alternate parking area and we ask that you please stop parking in the Bridgewater neighborhood.