Thomas E. Weightman Middle School is excited to offer a “Meet the Teacher Day” and a “Walk Your Schedule” option.

Below is the information for the orientation process:

Wednesday, August 3, 2022 – Friday, August 5, 2022

First Steps

Complete the 3 P’s  (Pay, Print and Print) online registration beginning August 3rd  (see the Wildcat Paw below)

  1. Pay school fees using RYCOR
  2. Print Class Schedule
  3. Print Bus Pass
  •  As a parent, you must sign up for a myStudent parent account.  Parents can access “myStudent” by going to our school website: and clicking on “myPascoConnect” then signing in (students use their student # and their “funky/unique” password (for example: Cheer97!).If unknown, call the school.More information and instructional videos on how to set up this account, can be found at: . It is very important every parent have their own parent account in myStudent.  Parents can view grades, attendance, tardies, update emergency contacts and phone numbers using this portal.  In addition, by having a parent myStudent account, RYCOR access is directly available through this portal to pay for events such as field trips, dances, shirts, etc.
  • PAY school fees— In order to pay fees, you should have previously signed up for a Rycor Account.
  • If you haven’t previously set up a Rycor account, while in myStudent, click on the “Pay Student Fees” button and set up your account.It will take 24 hours to see the payment items for your student.If you have used Rycor in the past to pay fees, click on the “Pay Student Fees” and the student fees will be available for payment.If you have trouble signing in to myStudent, this link will take you directly to Rycor to pay student fees: .You will still need to create a parent account and wait 24 hours to pay fees.A “guest account” will not allow you to pay individual student fees.
  1. PRINT class schedule – As in step #1 above, you will need to gain access to myStudent (see information above) to print out the class schedule.  No schedule changes will occur until after the 2nd week of school.  To request a schedule change you must write a letter or email your students’ grade level school counselor (found on school website under “Contacts”).  Schedule change requests will be reviewed beginning the second week of school.  Those students needing core class adjustments will occur first.  ALL schedule change requests are subject to course availability and class size.
  • Please note:  Due to the influx of new student registrations in our area, the school reserves the right to make revisions to the master schedule.  This can cause changes to your student’s schedule at any time during the year.  Please see information below regarding 1st day procedures.
  1. PRINT bus pass — As in step #1 above, you will need to gain access to “myStudent” (see information above) to print out bus pass information.  The bus stop and time of pick up will be on this pass.  If this information is wrong, check your address in myStudent.  If incorrect, you will need to update your address in myStudent and wait 48 hours for the system to update, then print the correct pass.  PRINT the Bus Pass and make sure your student KEEPS THE PASS, so they know what bus to get on after school.  For concerns or questions about the bus information, call  the Transportation Department at (813) 794-0500.
  • It is very important all of your demographic information is correct in myStudent.  Names for contacts and emergency pick up, phone numbers, address, health information such as allergies, etc.
Friday, August 5, 2022: MEET THE TEACHER DAY

In-Person @ TEWMS: 6th – 8th Grade: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Come in-person to meet the teachers.   Park in the parking lot located in front of our gym between our school and WCHS.  Bring your student’s schedule or come to the commons area located in the middle of campus to pick up a copy of your child’s schedule and a school map.  Students and parents are free to walk the schedule and enter teacher classrooms to meet teachers during the designated time frames above.

7th graders (only)

 Students entering the 7th grade require a dose of TDAP vaccine. Students must have this vaccine to enter 7th grade. If your child has already received the TDAP vaccination, please make sure we have documentation.

Saturday, AUGUST 6, 2022 – WALK YOUR SCHEDULE (Optional)

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

 Please park in our main parent parking lot located between TEWMS and WCHS.

  1. The only staff members on campus will be administration.
  2. This is a self-guided tour.
  3. Copies of your child’s schedule and a map of the school will be available if you don’t bring your copy.

1st Day of School –  Wednesday,  August 10, 2022

Beginning at 8:00 am, we ask all students verify their 1st period class by checking an alphabetical list posted in the commons area by grade level.  Staff will be posted at this location to direct students to their classes.

Once in 1st period, all students will receive a copy of their official course schedule on blue paper.  This schedule will have the most up-to-date information including any class or bus changes requested.  Most often it will look exactly like the one you printed off and used to walk around on Meet the Teacher Day; however, if a change was requested or one had to be made due to unforeseen circumstances in scheduling, there is a slight possibility it could be different.

During the school day, calls will be made for all students to verify their bus information and/or way home.  If a student needs help, he/she will be called to office and assisted.

For parents picking up their student using the car line, entrance is only allowed from Wells Road heading West.  NO LEFT TURNS FROM WELLS INTO THE CAR LOOP.  Also, the front of the school is the ONLY APPROVED pick up/drop off location.  Students are not allowed to be dropped off or picked up along Wells Road due to safety concerns.  Please allow extra time for the car line.  When exiting the front car loop, only right hand turns onto Wells Road will be allowed.