Hello Wildcat Families,

The past two days have brought behaviors on campus that are not appropriate and are disappointing.  There has been destruction to our campus with students ripping soap dispensers off the walls, hand sanitizer dispensers off the walls, pulling hand dryers down, throwing toilet paper all around and destroying campus property.  Please know that this behavior of “getting devious licks” as posted on TickTock will not be tolerated at Thomas E. Weightman Middle School.  I need ALL Wildcats to report any information they may have on who may be involved regarding this destruction behavior.  This can be done by parents emailing me or by students reporting such information to their grade level administrator.

It is important that ALL Wildcats follow the ROAR expectations as they assist with keeping TEWMS a safe learning environment for every student.  The ROAR is about Respect, Ownership, Academics & Readiness.

I thank you for your support in this manner.


Principal Fowler