Starting this Wednesday, we will start implementing our tardy policy.  Students who are late for class will need to go to the Tardy Table located in the Back Office to get a late pass in order to enter their classroom.  Teachers will mark all tardies as such on myStudent.  According to our school’s tardy policy, students are given two warnings.  After the second warning, they will start to receive disciplinary consequences.  For students who are ride the bus, if the bus is late, the student will be given a late bus pass and will not need to go to the tardy table.

If your student is a car rider, you are already aware of how congested our car line can get both in the morning and afternoon. Please plan accordingly and leave a little early so that your student can be inside 1st period by the time the 8:30 a.m.  bell rings.  Students may be dropped off as early as 8:10 a.m.  In the afternoon, we ask that you have your child’s name written on a piece of paper and displayed on your dash.  No left turns can be made into the school from Wells Road.  As you line up heading west on Wells, we ask that you please move over and line up to the right side along the grass so that other cars can safely go around you. As always, students are not to be picked up along on Wells Road as this is a serious safety concern.

Lastly, our dress code is being fully enforced.  We urge all parents to review and discuss it with their student.  A copy of our dress code can be found on our website and also inside your child’s student binder.  Students who are out of dress code will be sent to the office and will need to get a change of clothes before being allowed to return to class.  Parents will be contacted each time.  Disciplinary consequences may be assigned for students who consistently fail to follow our dress code.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s grade level administrator.  For 8th grade, it’s Mrs. Johnson, 7th grade is Mrs. Ware, and 6th grade is Mrs. Mira.

Thank you for your cooperation with these matters!