Parent Map Wildcat Wrap Up

Please use Wells Road to access the parking lot between TEWMS and WCHS.

The entrance will be in front of the TEWMS Gym. You will be stopped at the entrance check point to verify your information. Upon entry, you will be directed to your student’s team lane. Please make sure your child knows his/her team name:

8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Students are to come on their “Team” date:

All 6th grade students come on May 29 from 8am-12 pm.
7th graders on the Lions and Lynx teams will also come on May 29 from 8am-12 pm.
7th graders on the Cheetahs and Bengals will come on May 28 from 8am-12 pm.

5/28/20 – Panthers (6-8), Cheetahs (7/8), Bengals (7/8), Leopards, Siberian Tigers

5/29/20 — Pumas, Jaguars, Bobcats, Lions, Lynx

When you pull up to your team, stay in your car.

1. First Stop:

a. Laptop and Adapter Return

b. Teachers hand you individual items such as pre-paid yearbook, items you left behind, Athletic certificates/awards, 8th grade certificates/awards, etc.

c. 8th grade Band Instrument returned

d. If you have items in your PE locker, you will be directed where to park. Your student (only one) will be allowed to walk to the locker room to retrieve personal items left in his/her locker. There should be no congregating, masks should be worn and students should stand 6 feet apart as they wait in inline to get into the locker room. Only a few students will be allowed in the locker room at the same time so expect a wait.

EXIT in front of the Wesley Chapel Performing Arts Center.