Below you will find our updated Wireless Communication Device Policy effective, the beginning of 4th quarter: March 25th.

At Thomas E. Weightman Middle School, students are allowed to bring cell phones and other devices (WCD) on campus.  Students will not be permitted to carry their cell phones and other devices (WCD) on them.  All cell phones and other devices (WCD) need to be silenced/powered off and placed in students’ book bag during school hours: 8:30am – 2:50pm. Students will be allowed to access cell phones and other devices (WCD) during their lunch time. Teachers may, at their discretion have students use their personal devices for academic reasons. Upon completion of the lesson, students will be expected to silence/power off the device and place the device back into their book bag.

When families need to communicate with their student, they are welcome to call the front office (813) 794-0200, and we will get a message to the student. In addition, if your student needs to contact a family member, students will be permitted to use the school phones, when appropriate.

The change in policy is to reduce the distractions/disruptions in the classroom, the virtual interactions among the student body, as well as, keep the focus of our campus on student learning. I know that this is a change for our community. I ask that you respect this decision as it has been made with your students’ best academic interest in mind.

Thank you,

Mrs. Rachel Fowler, Principal