We are excited to welcome students back to school as tomorrow as we begin the 3rd quarter of this school year, which is also the beginning of semester two.  Your student’s schedule may have changed – especially if he or she had a semester long elective course.  For this reason, tomorrow morning, we ask that all students check a list that will have their 1st period teacher’s name on it.  This list will be posted around the commons area.  Please let your student know to do this.  Once in 1st period, all students will get an updated schedule from their 1st period teacher – even if their schedule did not change for the 2nd semester.

In addition, unless students are going to get breakfast in the cafeteria, students are to be in the following designated areas by grade level:

* 6th – in front of buildings 300 and 400

* 7th – in front of buildings 100 and 800

* 8th – in front of buildings 500 and 600

Lastly we ask that you speak with your child regarding the importance of remembering their ROAR expectations which includes being respectful to self and others, taking ownership of their work and behavior, be engaged and prepared academically, and be ready to learn!

We thank you for your time and as always, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.